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MORONTOPIA Rools 'n' Fax 'n' Whaddever...

I'd like to outline the rules for joining with and contributing to MORONTOPIA.... Yes, there are rules... :roll: ...Cuz we are in dA and dA has rules, too....

And we love dA, right? :dalove: ...Let's keep dA happy....

I will do my best to keep this short and sweet. :XD:

:eager::megaphone: MIRACULOUS MORONS

:bulletred: Miraculous Watchers and Miraculous Members MAY give the Miraculous Contributors random crazy ideas, and MORE THAN ONE Miraculous Contributor can answer to that inspiration. :nod:

:bulletred: Once a Miraculous Member has contributed TWO Miraculous deviations, new OR existing deviations, he or she is automatically upgraded to a MIRACULOUS CONTRIBUTOR.

:bulletred: Once a Miraculous Member has submitted ONE Miraculous deviation to the MORONIC PROJECTS, he or she will be automatically upgraded to MIRACULOUS CONTRIBUTOR.

:bulletblack: These last two rules will be valid until July 16th, 2010.


:bulletred: Miraculous Contributors CAN coerce... I mean, invite other deviants to M'topia become Miraculous Members as well AFTER a vote is cast on whether the said deviant can be a Moron or not.

:bulletred: The Miraculous Founders have made it possible for the Miraculous Contributors to manage the Miraculous Gallery, including submitting new or existing Miraculous deviations. :nod:

:eager::megaphone: MIRACULOUS DEVIATIONS!

:bulletred: Miraculous Morons MAY poke fun at video game characters. In fact, they MUST poke fun at video game characters, or else there will be no MORONTOPIA.

:bulletred: Miraculous Morons MAY poke fun at ANY character AS LONG AS they've appeared ONCE in a video game (that includes SpongeBob and Michael Jackson, I do believe. Does anybody remember the NES game "Moonwalker"?)

:bulletred: Miraculous Morons MAY poke fun at a TV or movie or cartoon character AS LONG AS the main, central focus of the deviation is on a video-game based story or theme.

:bulletred: Miraculous Morons MAY poke fun at themselves as a poor innocent bystander in a story or theme AS LONG AS the central focus of the deviation is based on the... well, you get the idea!!! :la:

:bulletred: Miraculous Morons DO NOT flame or slander any game or movie or cartoon or TV characters, plotline... UNLESS it is something Miraculous Morons all hate unanimously (e.g., Twilight or Hello Kitty).

:bulletred: Miraculous Morons ARE REQUIRED TO have fun in what they do. :iconfinallyplz:

:eager::megaphone: MORONTOPIA PRISTINE

MORONTOPIA PRISTINE is something I've been wanting to discuss for a while.

Practice work, scribbles you would like to remove from your head, and doodles on the back of your homework ARE WELCOMED into the M'topia gallery, as long as... you get the idea, I outlined that in the above statements. :D

A MORONTOPIA PRISTINE piece, however, is deliberate.... Something that is just so beautiful and miraculous that one almost cannot lay eyes upon it just for it being so incredibly beautiful.

THIS is a PERFECT example of a MORONTOPIA PRISTINE piece. >>…
One cannot take their eyes off of it. It is so genious that... one does not know whether to laugh or cry or spew at the sight of these rare and truly memorable pieces.

:dummy::megaphone: MIRACULOUS CONTESTS!

I will announce contests rules later on. :icondragonhehe: All I can disclose is that there ARE INDEED prizes to be given at the end of the year. :nod: Including a twelve-month subscription. :evillaugh:

Thank you for spending much of your precious time in reading the MORONTOPIA Rools 'n' Fax 'n' Whaddever. :la:

I'd also like to give credit to UnseenChaos, Shadow-Clone, and NevanAnxa for the "Death To Tha Kitteh" series they have contributed during the past few weeks. Way to go, mai friends, for keeping it vengeful and stupid! :dummy:

:iconshadow-clone: Shadow-Clone's version >>…

:iconunseenchaos: Unseen Chaos's version >>…

:iconnevananxa: Nevananxa's version >>…

You guys make me so proud! :iconfinallyplz: And we here at MORONTOPIA do salute thee.

:salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute:

That shall be it for now, my friends...

Keep it simple... keep it stupid...
Keep it... MORONTOPIA... :iconherotimeplz:

--The Rage 311 :iconinfinitefruit:

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